This Weeks Tip – Dried Fruit

driedfruitWash fruit for a cake the day before needed, spread it in thin layer and leave until dry. Otherwise, if the fruit is damp it will sink to the base of the mixture. You can also boil the fruit before making your cake and then let completely dry. This means the fruit will not absorb moisture from the cake while baking.

This Weeks Tip – Using Eggs

a-bowl-full-of-brown-eggsNever use eggs straight out of the refrigerator, when making a sponge or fruit cake. They will be very cold and could curdle in the batter. It is a good idea to place them in a jug and whisk together and leave to stand in warm water (I just leave them in the sink while weighing up the other ingredients and whisk every so often).

This Weeks Tip – Chocolate wedding Cakes

chocolateweddingcakeChocolate wedding cakes are popular. Ganache is a delicious chocolate coating, which can also be piped. Made from melted chocolate and cream, it is easy to cut and sets with a high gloss. The more expensive the chocolate, the higher the sheen.

This Weeks Tip – Wedding Cake Planning

3-tier-royalWhen planning Wedding Cakes it is a good idea to work backwards from the wedding date. No one wants to be decorating right up to the last minute – although it can happen. Allow two free days before the wedding; then start your count down.